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» Pet preform/ Pet preform crush.
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» LDPE Regrind/ Offgrade
» PVC Resin production waste
» Poly carbonate
» E-waste
» Pet strapping
» Pet Lumps/ Granules
» Acrylonitrile butadiene
» High impact polystyrene
» Any kind of Plastic Scrap.
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Plastic Scrap Suppliers India
Pet bottle bale Suppliers India
Pet washed Suppliers India
unwashed Flakes Suppliers India
Pet preform Suppliers India
Pet preform crush Suppliers India
PP Regrind Suppliers India
Offgrade Suppliers India
HDPE Regrind Suppliers India
LDPE Regrind Suppliers India
PVC Resin production waste Suppliers
Poly carbonate Suppliers India
E-waste Suppliers India
Pet strapping Suppliers India
Pet Lumps Suppliers India
Granules Suppliers India
Acrylonitrile butadiene Suppliers India
High impact polystyrene Suppliers
XLPE cable scrap Suppliers India
Plastic Scrap Exporters India
Pet bottle bale Exporters India
Pet washed Exporters India
unwashed Flakes Exporters India
Pet preform Exporters India
Pet preform crush Exporters India
PP Regrind Exporters India
Offgrade Exporters India
HDPE Regrind Exporters India
LDPE Regrind Exporters India
PVC Resin production waste Exporters
Poly carbonate Exporters India
E-waste Exporters India
Pet strapping Exporters India
Pet Lumps Exporters India
Granules Exporters India
Acrylonitrile butadiene Exporters India
High impact polystyrene Exporters
XLPE cable scrap Exporters India
Plastic Scrap Stockist India
Pet bottle bale Stockist India
Pet washed Stockist India
unwashed Flakes Stockist India
Pet preform Stockist India
Pet preform crush Stockist India
PP Regrind Stockist India
Offgrade Stockist India
HDPE Regrind Stockist India
LDPE Regrind Stockist India
PVC Resin production waste Stockist
Poly carbonate Stockist India
E-waste Stockist India
Pet strapping Stockist India
Pet Lumps Stockist India
Granules Stockist India
Acrylonitrile butadiene Stockist
High impact polystyrene Stockist
XLPE cable scrap Stockist India
Plastic Scrap Buyers India
Pet bottle bale Buyers India
Pet washed Buyers India
unwashed Flakes Buyers India
Pet preform Buyers India
Pet preform crush Buyers India
PP Regrind Buyers India
Offgrade Buyers India
HDPE Regrind Buyers India
LDPE Regrind Buyers India
PVC Resin production waste Buyers
Poly carbonate Buyers India
E-waste Buyers India
Pet strapping Buyers India
Pet Lumps Buyers India
Granules Buyers India
Acrylonitrile butadiene Buyers
High impact polystyrene Buyers
XLPE cable scrap Buyers India
Plastic Scrap Importers India
Pet bottle bale Importers India
Pet washed Importers India
unwashed Flakes Importers India
Pet preform Importers India
Pet preform crush Importers India
PP Regrind Importers India
Offgrade Importers India
HDPE Regrind Importers India
LDPE Regrind Importers India
PVC Resin production waste Importers
Poly carbonate Importers India
E-waste Importers India
Pet strapping Importers India
Pet Lumps Importers India
Granules Importers India
Acrylonitrile butadiene Importers
High impact polystyrene Importers
XLPE cable scrap Importers India
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Traders of Pet bottle bale
Traders of Pet washed
Traders of unwashed Flakes
Traders of Pet preform
Traders of Pet preform crush
Traders of PP Regrind
Traders of Offgrade
Traders of HDPE Regrind
Traders of LDPE Regrind
Traders of PVC Resin production waste
Traders of Poly carbonate
Traders of E-waste
Traders of Pet strapping
Traders of Pet Lumps
Traders of Granules
Traders of Acrylonitrile butadiene
Traders of High impact polystyrene
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Manufacturers of Pet preform
Manufacturers of Pet preform crush
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Manufacturers of Offgrade
Manufacturers of HDPE Regrind
Manufacturers of LDPE Regrind
PVC Resin production waste
Manufacturers of Poly carbonate
Manufacturers of E-waste
Manufacturers of Pet strapping
Manufacturers of Pet Lumps
Manufacturers of Granules
Manufacturers of Acrylonitrile butadiene
Manufacturers of High impact polystyrene
Manufacturers of XLPE cable scrap



Exporters of Plastic scrap

Suppliers of Plastic scrap India


Pet bottle bale

Generally pet bottle consist of 90-10 where in 90% approx will be clear and 10% consist of other colours Pet bottle. It will be in bale form.
The bottle are with caps and labels.

Pet washed/ unwashed Flakes

Hot washed flakes.
Hot wash flakes consist as below.
Pvc less than 300 PPM
Moisture 1-2% max.
Flakes size 8mm – 12mm
Packing in 25 kg bags, jumbo bags as per buyers requirement and origin of material.


Pet preform/ Pet preform crush

Pet perform consist of factory waste which is rejected due to some minor defect.
It comes in original form or crushed form. Coloured and natural.


PP Regrind/ Offgrade

This waste generally used in huge scale in packing material and automobiles. Basically this material is used in molding items. It comes in Lumps, washed, unwashed flakes and granules form. Whereas the offgrade material is left over from factory.

HDPE Regrind/ Offgrade

This waste material generally comes in 2 forms, Blow grade and mould grade.
It is generally used in packing industries like milk jars, oil jars, big drums for oils. Carats used to store cold drinks bottles. It comes in different forms of lumps, washed, unwashed flakes and granules form. Whereas the offgrade material is left over from factory.

LDPE Regrind/ Offgrade

This waste material comes from in different forms like blow grade, mould grade and film grade.


PVC Resin production waste

This material if left over waste from pvc electric cable manufacturing companies.


Poly carbonate

This material consist of CD, DVD, Car lights covers, Street light covers, drinking water jars of 20 litre.



This material consist of electronic waste.


Pet strapping

The PET packing band, known as plastic band, is mainly made of polymer. It’s a latest protecting environment material instead of steel strap and is well used in the steel, chemical, aluminum, papermaking, brick making, nuts, tobacco, electron, textile and wood industry, It has extensively used all over the world.


Pet Lumps/ Pet films / Wirie/ granules/ popcorn

This waste scrap comes from factory. It comes in different forms and different sizes and colours.


Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

This material is mainly used in computer parts, plastic cups, refrigerator body etc.


High impact polystyrene sheet

This material is waste from water and tea drinking cups.
This material comes in baled and grinded form.


Any kind of Plastic Scrap.

This material comes in many different forms, grade and colour.


XLPE Cable Scrap

Xlpe scrap consists of waste cable scrap from different cable companies