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Exporters of Ferrous scrap

Suppliers of Non Ferrous scrap India



Indenting agent, importers, exporters and suppliers of Ferrous/ Shredded metal scrap. In addition to Ferrous Metal Scrap, we also deal into ferro alloys including ferro silicon, ferro chrome) nickel alloy, ferro manganese and others. 

An Overview
The Range of Ferrous Metal scrap includes: - (For Buying & Selling)

  • HMS scrap (HMS 1 & 2)
  • SS Scrap (304, 316, 304L, 316L, MIX)
  • HMS 1 Scrap
  • HMS 1+2 Scrap
  • Steel Scrap (211. 210+211 mixed)
  • New Busheling Scrap
  • coils
  • pipes
  • Stripes / Slit Coils
  • Bars
  • Sheets
  • Wire rods
  • Plates Head n Tails / Offcuts / Sheet Cutting



Engaged in Indenting/ supplying trading of non-ferrous (Shredded also) metal scrap including aluminium scrap, zinc scrap, copper scrap, titanium scrap etc

An Overview
The Range of Non-Ferrous Metal scrap includes: - (For Buying & Selling)

  • Aluminium Scrap (Tablet, Taboo, Taint/ Tabor, UBC, Wire, Talk, Tense, Tread)
  • Copper Scrap (Red Berry, black Berry, Birch/Cliff, Candy, Cobra, Dream)
  • Zinc Scrap (scope, score, screen, scribe, Scrub, seal, Saves)
  • Nickel Silver Scrap (Maize, Major, Malio, Malar, Malic, Naggy, Niece)
  • Lead Scrap (Relay, Racks, Radio)
  • All type of Mixed Cable Scrap (Pre-dominant Copper)
  • Brass Scrap (Honey, Label, Pales, Pallu, Palms, Parch)
  • scrap of any kind
  • Titanium scrap
  • Remelted Brass, Copper, Lead Ingots having Purity around 96%
  • Silicon Metal (90% minimum)
  • Cobalt concentrate


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  Exporters of HMS scrap
Exporters of SS Scrap
Exporters of SS 304 Scrap
Exporters of SS 316 Scrap
Exporters of SS 304L Scrap
Exporters of SS 316L Scrap
Exporters of HMS 1 Scrap
Exporters of HMS 1+2 Scrap
Exporters of Steel Scrap
Exporters of New Busheling Scrap
Exporters of coils Scrap
Exporters of pipes Scrap
Exporters of Stripes Scrap
Exporters of Slit Coils Scrap
Exporters of Bars Scrap
Exporters of Sheets Scrap
Exporters of Wire rods Scrap
Exporters of Plates Head n Tails Scrap
Exporters of Offcuts Scrap
Exporters of Sheet Cutting Scrap
Exporters of Aluminium Scrap
Exporters of Wire Scrap
Exporters of Copper Scrap
Exporters of Zinc Scrap
Exporters of Nickel Silver Scrap
Exporters of Lead Scrap
Exporters of Cable Scrap
Exporters of Brass Scrap
Exporters of Titanium Scrap
Manufacturers of HMS scrap
Manufacturers of SS Scrap
Manufacturers of SS 304 Scrap
Manufacturers of SS 316 Scrap
Manufacturers of SS 304L Scrap
Manufacturers of SS 316L Scrap
Manufacturers of HMS 1 Scrap
Manufacturers of HMS 1+2 Scrap
Manufacturers of Steel Scrap
Manufacturers of New Busheling Scrap
Manufacturers of coils Scrap
Manufacturers of pipes Scrap
Manufacturers of Stripes Scrap
Manufacturers of Slit Coils Scrap
Manufacturers of Bars Scrap
Manufacturers of Sheets Scrap
Manufacturers of Wire rods Scrap
Manufacturers of Plates Head n Tails Scrap
Manufacturers of Offcuts Scrap
Manufacturers of Sheet Cutting Scrap
Manufacturers of Aluminium Scrap
Manufacturers of Wire Scrap
Manufacturers of Copper Scrap
Manufacturers of Zinc Scrap
Manufacturers of Nickel Silver Scrap
Manufacturers of Lead Scrap
Manufacturers of Cable Scrap
Manufacturers of Brass Scrap
Manufacturers of Titanium Scrap
Traders of HMS scrap
Traders of SS Scrap
Traders of SS 304 Scrap
Traders of SS 316 Scrap
Traders of SS 304L Scrap
Traders of SS 316L Scrap
Traders of HMS 1 Scrap
Traders of HMS 1+2 Scrap
Traders of Steel Scrap
Traders of New Busheling Scrap
Traders of coils Scrap
Traders of pipes Scrap
Traders of Stripes Scrap
Traders of Slit Coils Scrap
Traders of Bars Scrap
Traders of Sheets Scrap
Traders of Wire rods Scrap
Traders of Plates Head n Tails Scrap
Traders of Offcuts Scrap
Traders of Sheet Cutting Scrap
Traders of Aluminium Scrap
Traders of Wire Scrap
Traders of Copper Scrap
Traders of Zinc Scrap
Traders of Nickel Silver Scrap
Traders of Lead Scrap
Traders of Cable Scrap
Traders of Brass Scrap
Traders of Titanium Scrap
Buyers of HMS scrap
Buyers of SS Scrap
Buyers of SS 304 Scrap
Buyers of SS 316 Scrap
Buyers of SS 304L Scrap
Buyers of SS 316L Scrap

Buyers of HMS 1 Scrap, Buyers of HMS 1+2 Scrap, Buyers of Steel Scrap, Buyers of New Busheling Scrap, Buyers of coils Scrap, Buyers of pipes Scrap, Buyers of Stripes Scrap, Buyers of Slit Coils Scrap, Buyers of Bars Scrap, Buyers of Sheets Scrap, Buyers of Wire rods Scrap, Buyers of Plates Head n Tails Scrap, Buyers of Offcuts Scrap, Buyers of Sheet Cutting Scrap, Buyers of Aluminium Scrap, Buyers of Wire Scrap, Buyers of Copper Scrap, Buyers of Zinc Scrap, Buyers of Nickel Silver Scrap, Buyers of Lead Scrap, Buyers of Cable Scrap, Buyers of Brass Scrap, Buyers of Titanium Scrap, Suppliers of HMS scrap, Suppliers of SS Scrap, Suppliers of SS 304 Scrap, Suppliers of SS 316 Scrap, Suppliers of SS 304L Scrap, Suppliers of SS 316L Scrap, Suppliers of HMS 1 Scrap, Suppliers of HMS 1+2 Scrap, Suppliers of Steel Scrap, Suppliers of New Busheling Scrap, Suppliers of coils Scrap, Suppliers of pipes Scrap, Suppliers of Stripes Scrap, Suppliers of Slit Coils Scrap, Suppliers of Bars Scrap, Suppliers of Sheets Scrap, Suppliers of Wire rods Scrap, Suppliers of Plates Head n Tails Scrap, Suppliers of Offcuts Scrap, Suppliers of Sheet Cutting Scrap, Suppliers of Aluminium Scrap, Suppliers of Wire Scrap, Suppliers of Copper Scrap, Suppliers of Zinc Scrap, Suppliers of Nickel Silver Scrap, Suppliers of Lead Scrap, Suppliers of Cable Scrap, Suppliers of Brass Scrap, Suppliers of Titanium Scrap